Kipster's Innovative Egg Production Facility in Indiana

Kipster, in collaboration with MPS Egg Farms, launched a sustainable egg production facility in Indiana, pioneering carbon-neutral egg farming in the US.

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The Kipster farm, a pioneer in ethical poultry farming near Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a sanctuary for around 100,000 chickens. Designed with interconnected barns to allow free movement, it reflects a deep commitment to animal welfare and sustainable agriculture.

The farm integrates our FALK HFW 40 insulated metal wall panels in Goosewing Grey and PE Dutch White and features our robust FALK RRP 40 roof panel, marrying functionality with sustainability. This setup ensures a climate-controlled habitat, essential for the health of the poultry and the quality of the eggs, positioning the Kipster farm as a leader in modern, sustainable farming practices.

Construction year 2021
General contractor Summit Engineering & Construction
Installation contractor Summit Engineering & Construction

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