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Usage Guidelines
The content on FALK Panel's website, including texts, images, animations, etc., and communication materials, aims to inform about FALK's organization and products. We prioritize data protection, as detailed in our privacy statement.

FALK Panel ensures the website is carefully created, yet cannot guarantee the absence of inaccuracies. Information may change without prior notice. The colors and textures of products on the website are approximate; actual appearance may vary due to factors like lighting and weather. For accurate colors, request a physical sample or color swatch.

Website Use Agreement
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Content and Liability
FALK Panel strives to regularly update and enhance the web page content. However, there may be instances of incomplete or incorrect information. The company provides content 'as is', without warranties of any kind regarding its accuracy or suitability for specific purposes. The content is designed for both private and business use. FALK Panel is not liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use the web page.

Web Page Modifications
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User Responsibilities
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