Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to all visitors of the website We are FALK Panel, and we respect your privacy. Personal data is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1. Management

The website is managed by FALK Panel. Contact details can be found at is a trading name of FALK Panel

Visitor Information

  • Some data derived from one or more visits to is permanently stored anonymously. Therefore, the information can never be traced back to a person or organization.
  • ensures the secure storage of this data. may use the data provided by the customer for purposes including, but not limited to:
  • Sending one or more emails, such as an email containing login details.
  • Occasionally highlighting a product, tip, or other useful information that believes can contribute to a more successful website experience for the visitor.

3. Cookies

  • uses cookies to optimize certain website pages' functionality. Cookies are small text files placed on the visitor's computer by a website page. These cookies store information such as the visitor's preferences, allowing to provide better service on subsequent visits.
  • Visitors have control over how cookies are managed. They can configure their browser to allow, disallow, or partially allow cookie use. In the latter case, settings can be adjusted to allow cookies from certain websites while forbidding others. This feature is offered by most modern browsers.
  • Cookies can always be deleted from a computer through the browser.

4. Inquiries

Visitors with questions about this Privacy Statement can contact Contact details are provided on the website mentioned in section 1 of this Privacy Statement.

5. Disclaimer reserves the right to modify the content of this Privacy Statement without notifying the visitor. Updating the website with the changes is sufficient.


What Data Do We Collect and How Is It Used?

  • Your name; to address you correctly.
  • Your address; to send requested documentation to the correct location.
  • Your place of residence; for the same purpose as above.
  • Your company name; to address you appropriately in a business context.
  • Your phone number; to reach you via telephone.
  • The product inquiries you make to FALK Panel; to provide the information you seek.
  • Your email preferences; to send you relevant information via email newsletters.

Tools We Use Involving Data

  • Google Analytics, to track page visits and improve user experience.
  • Facebook, to provide our target audience with the latest information.
  • LinkedIn, for the same purpose as above.
  • Instagram, to keep our audience informed with the latest information.
  • Google AdWords, to display relevant advertisements to people searching for keywords relevant to FALK Panel.
  • Microsoft Ads, alongside Google, FALK Panel uses Microsoft Ads to show relevant advertisements.
  • Mailchimp, for sending our latest information to customers through newsletters.

8. Newsletters

FALK Panel offers newsletters to keep you informed of the latest news. We use an opt-in system for newsletters to ensure your consent. Each email provides an option to unsubscribe.

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