FALK insulated wall panels with profiled sheets

Using sandwich panels for a façade is a very efficient way to construct and insulate a building since they combine several features in a single product. They are quick and lightweight to install, they provide insulation and they provide a solid inner and outer wall.

In keeping with the spirit of the times, we often want to see more variation in the façade than ‘standard’ sandwich panels can offer – which is why sandwich panels are often combined with metal cladding profiles. These profiles are rolled or formed from flat sheets of metal.

  • They act as a buffer for insulation.
  • They add aesthetic value to the building.
  • They are low maintenance.
  • They are easy to attach to sandwich panels.

Rolled cladding profile

Rolled cladding profiles are made from a roll of steel that is passed through a rolling mill. The shape of the roller ultimately determines the shape of the profile. FALK’s range of rolled cladding profiles includes two types of corrugated profiles, a trapezoidal cladding profile and a Rabat cladding profile. Some of these are rolled at our site in Ede and some at our sister company, DELFT Profielen, in Waalwijk.

Products for profiled sheets fa├žade

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