Five-crown trapezoidal panel for flat roofs

The FALK 1000 TR PD is a sandwich panel for flat roofs that provides good insulation and contributes to a good indoor climate in a building. Unlike conventional steeldeck systems, this prefabricated roof panel consists of two steel sheets with a PIR insulation core in between. So a complete flat roof consists of just two layers – this self-supporting sandwich panel with a light-coloured, waterproof EPDM membrane on top.

  • 25m2 can be sealed in a single crane operation
  • Screws are not visible
  • Good insulation and airtightness
  • Installation-friendly delivery to construction site
  • Available with circular CradleCore® insulation core

Installed in no time

With a maximum length of 25 metres, this five-crown roof panel can be installed very quickly. 

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