What colours are available for the interior skin of my flat roof panels?

"The standard interior coating for flat roof panels is FALK Off-White. As the panels are manufactured at FALK, you can choose from a wide range of coatings and colours. A popular alternative to FALK Off-White is FALK Reflective White, a reflective traffic white coating that helps save energy. This coating reflects up to 85% of light, so light can be used intelligently in the building: fewer light sources are needed than with a normal coating, which reduces energy costs and cuts down on carbon emissions. Find out more about FALK Reflective White here.

For a more industrial look, you can also go for a darker coating. For example, a FALK Black Matt coating was chosen for this shed. This gives the building a completely different character.

All coatings and colours are therefore available on request. Get in touch to find out about the possibilities!"