FALK Strengthens Position in Germany



FALK strengthens its Western European position through the acquisition of the German company Salzgitter Bauelemente GmbH. Currently, FALK is the market leader in the Dutch insulated metal panel market. Jan Hardeman of FALK stated, “This acquisition represents a significant strategic step that aligns with FALK's growth ambitions outside the Netherlands. The acquisition presents numerous opportunities, both in terms of products and for existing and new customers.”

Salzgitter Bauelemente GmbH originates from Salzgitter AG, a leading German steel and technology group with over 25,000 employees. As of January 1, 2023, Salzgitter Bauelemente GmbH will continue under the name FALK Salzgitter GmbH.

Strengthening market position
The acquisition offers FALK opportunities to further grow in both Germany and Western Europe. Jan Hardeman states, "With the takeover of Salzgitter Bauelemente GmbH, we enter the German market independently. We benefit from the extensive expertise and over 20 years of experience of Salzgitter Bauelemente GmbH, both at the product and customer levels. Moreover, Salzgitter Bauelemente GmbH has considerable experience in producing sandwich elements with mineral wool, a product with which we at FALK have little knowledge and experience. Therefore, this acquisition also plays a crucial role in our continuous product innovation."

Clear focus
FALK Salzgitter GmbH will continue to operate as a legally independent private limited company, with the current director Kai Bohmbach at the helm: "Under the FALK name, Salzgitter Bauelemente GmbH will gain more visibility. FALK has a sharp and clear focus on the construction sector and is constantly engaged in innovation, which is part of their DNA. This is evident from CradleCore®, the world's first circular sandwich panel. This panel significantly reduces the environmental impact of buildings, making it an attractive product for the German market as well. Sustainability, innovation, and sound entrepreneurship thus go hand in hand."

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