Meet our New Jorns JDB-150 Trim Bender



FALK proudly introduces the Jorns JDB-150 Bender, a game-changer in our fabrication technology. With the capability to bend sheet metal up to 3 mm, this fully automated, customizable tool is a leap forward in enhancing our production efficiency.

This bender is key in swiftly producing high-quality trims and accessories for our FALK insulated metal wall and roof panels. Its durable design promises long-lasting performance, meeting the intricate demands of our architectural and structural projects with ease.

What sets the JDB-150 apart is its exceptional efficiency and quick production turnaround times. Additionally, the bender's advanced software enables the storage of unique trim designs for our customers, guaranteeing accurate replication for future projects.

No project is too big or too small; we're here to fulfill all your metal trim needs. Our expertise extends beyond our IMPs, catering to a wide range of applications. 


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