A genuine long-term solution!

With insulated panels you can realise sustainable building projects. The many advantages of these panels are that they come with high insulation values, efficient assembly and are light weight, to name just a few. The big downside is that the PIR insulation core ended being incinerated or going to landfill sites, at the end of its life… Until now. The advent of CradleCore® provides a practical and unique solution to this problem!

A FALK insulated panel with CradleCore® is guaranteed to be recycled at the end of its lifetime. The panel is disassembled through a unique process exclusive to FALK. The steel goes back to the blast furnaces for processing. The PIR insulation core is also separated and processed, with key ingredients captured to produce new PIR insulation boards or insulated panels. This completes the circular cycle for the manufacturing process. Cradle to Cradle.


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That we realised a practical sustainable solution for waste PIR sandwich panels, is something I am immensely proud of.

Tom Gorman


What distinguishes CradleCore® from other sustainable solutions?

There are an increasing number of sustainable developments within the insulated panel sector. These developments are taking place in several areas:

  1. Using less PIR (reduce). 
  2. Reusing insulated panels (reuse).
  3. Search for alternative insulation materials such as hemp or wood fibre. Unfortunately, the performance of these alternatives does not (yet) come close to PIR.
These are all good steps that we at FALK are applying as much as possible. However, they do not offer a future for the insulated panel in a circular world. CradleCore® focuses on recycling the PIR insulation core. This addresses the core of the problem and CradleCore® creates a circular future for insulated panels.

What do you get in practice when choosing CradleCore®?

When you choose CradleCore® you get regular FALK insulated panel, so no concessions on our standard quality or performance. The big difference is that you receive a take-back guarantee. With this, we guarantee that we will take back and recycle the CradleCore® panels at the end of their service life. This offers several advantages:
  • You benefit from the very low shadow carbon price of CradleCore® insulated panels. This can contribute to achieving certifications such as BREEAM®.
  • You add long-term value to your building by choosing insulated panels that fit the circular future.
  • No longer do you have to pay for any landfill costs for the sandwich waste created on the building site. You can return the off-cuts and assembly waste from CradleCore® panels at InSus, free of charge. So you only pay the transport costs!*

* Please inquire for Ireland and the UK.

CradleCore®, the same insulated panel, but with a guarantee of end-of-life circular processing. This saves over 40% in environmental impact, compared to standard insulated panels. CradleCore® is available on request on all our insulated panels.


Do you have a project where CradleCore® could play a role?

Or do you have other questions about CradleCore®? We are happy to think along with you!

Christos Michaelides