Here at FALK, we always go the extra mile. As a manufacturer and supplier, we also try to live up to our responsibility to operate in a sustainable way. And this goes far beyond simply delivering panels to the building site! The launch of CradleCore®, for example, marked the introduction of the world’s first circular sandwich panel.


Driven by the knowledge that our earth has a finite supply of raw materials, FALK, in collaboration with InSus, has invested a great deal in recent years in making sandwich panels circular. And the results are impressive! The world’s first circular sandwich panel is now a reality. We call them CradleCore® sandwich panels. FALK produces the panels, and InSus recycles the PIR insulation material. Our sandwich panels with CradleCore® insulation core come with a circularity declaration in the form of a take-back guarantee. This assures the building owner that a circular approach has been used for their building envelope.

FALK Palletservice

We have been offering this service to our customers since 2013. We use EPS pallets – which offer many advantages when it comes to transporting our panels safely – as packaging material. And we collect those EPS pallets from the construction site afterwards. A win-win situation as it cuts down on construction waste and means we can use the pallets more than once. Do you still have some of our pallets that need collecting?

Material passport

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is available for all our CradleCore® products. These are recorded in the Dutch Environmental Database and in the associated calculation tools. When you choose our panels with CradleCore® insulation core, you are choosing to build in an environmentally responsible way. To put this in perspective, our FALK 1060 WB 100 mm CradleCore® insulated wall panels are almost 40% less harmful to the environment than conventional sandwich panels. This opens the door to a very favourable environmental performance of a building (MPG; MilieuPrestatie Gebouwen) and puts building owners in a good position to qualify for MIA\Vamil subsidies, for example. The low shadow price also helps to achieve certificates such as BREEAM and LEED.

BES 6001

FALK is BES 6001 certified. This British certification methodology was developed for suppliers of building materials to identify the origin of materials. FALK was awarded the score ‘Very Good’, which means that in a BREEAM project involving FALK sandwich panels, the maximum number of points can be achieved in the ‘substantiated origin of materials’ category for MAT 5.

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CO2 Performance Ladder

Our business operations generate CO2 emissions. We are aware of this and try to keep them to a minimum. For example, we recently invested in electric self-unloaders so that we can deliver panels to construction sites emission-free. FALK strives to meet the requirements of the CO2 Performance Ladder, but has not been certified to this standard. You are more than welcome to read our CO2 policy. 

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ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard that specifies requirements for a good environmental management system. Our environmental management system must ensure that our sandwich panels and profiled sheets are produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Having achieved this certification, our products are ideal for use in BREEAM projects. 

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Waste management

At FALK, we are committed to optimising our waste streams. Our main stream, production waste, is processed by our sister company InSus. Our pallet service, mentioned above, also helps to prevent large volumes of construction waste.

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