FALK Reflective white


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In cooperation with Tata Steel we are launching a new coating: FALK Reflective White. A coating with an extremely high degree of reflection that enhances light sources. This allows you to save up to 8.9% per year in energy costs.

The coating has a reflective effect, so fewer light sources are needed to illuminate buildings. By also working smartly with the entry of natural daylight, considerable savings can be made on energy costs and CO2 emissions.

The FALK Reflective White is a coating that is extremely suitable for the interior of buildings where moisture and dirt have no influence. Think of distribution centres, schools, offices and other utilities. The coating is suitable for both the inside of facades and roofs. The more this coating is applied within a building, the greater the light output.

Based on an industrial building with a floor area of 4000 m² where the light is on 24 hours a day, the payback time of this coating is less than 1.2 years. CO2 emissions also decrease by 6-9% per year. A sustainable solution at a time when a great deal of attention is being paid to emission-free buildings.

FALK is very pleased with this addition to the Colorcoat® collection. The high quality and durable character that this coating offers, fits well within FALK's sustainability policy.

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