FALK 1000 TR Roof Carrier

A roof provides protection from the elements. This means it should be strong, windtight, waterproof and well insulated. A roof is also the perfect place to install solar panels or sedum, for example.

The FALK 1000 TR roof carrier combines the characteristics of a robust, insulated roof panel with the perfect support for your favourite accessory. The five crowns provide a solid base for solar panels, for example. We are happy to advise you on the best coating for underneath your accessory. The team at FALK is here to help you create an insulated roof that suits your needs.

  • Perfect for supporting your favourite applications
  • Available in lengths of up to 25m
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity
  • Good coatings available, also suitable for use under sedum
  • Available with circular CradleCore® insulation core

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