The FALK 1170 WZ – the ideal partition

The FALK 1170 WZ sandwich panel can be used both as a wall and as a façade. Thanks to its minimum core thickness of 40mm, it is a quick and relatively inexpensive solution for creating a partition wall. Add the right profile to the exterior skin and this panel transforms into a fully fledged façade panel. A range of profiles are available for this panel; discover them all here.

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As standard, this panel is supplied with a box profile on both sides and our FALK Off-White interior coating. For agricultural applications, AgriCoating – which is resistant to all conditions in a stable, including ammonia vapours – can be applied to the inner side.


This inner wall is very versatile and can be adapted to suit the environment in which it is used. As well as a range of colours, coatings and profiles, the panels are also available in a range of core thicknesses. These thicknesses have an immediate impact on the panel’s insulation properties (for both sound and heat). A thin 40mm panel is relatively cheap and, because it is lightweight, quick to install. In contrast, a 60mm partition or façade offers more insulation and therefore a more comfortable indoor climate. So get in touch for advice; we are happy to discuss your options with you!

  • Lightweight
  • Can be used as a façade and wall panel
  • Easy to install
  • For both horizontal and vertical applications
  • Available with circular CradleCore® insulation core

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