Scoop: The first circular sandwich panel is launched!


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FALK Bouwsystemen in Ede is excited to launches the very first circular sandwich panel! From now on we can fully re-use the PIR insulation core what is placed between the two steel sides.

For 12,5 years, FALK works hard for the production and delivery of sandwich panels. Every year we have a product capacity of roughly 4 milion square meter. This means that we have to take our responsibility when it comes down to sustainability. And we were excited to face that challenge. 

Sandwich panels are prefabricated building elements that ensure good insulation of building. They exist of steel and an isolation core of PIR. The features of this product have so many benefits that building owners save a lot of money on their energy bills every year! FALK Bouwsystemen supplies the insulated metal panels for roofs, walls and facades.

As young organization we are developing in sustainability. The production location is placed in the middle of the Netherlands, close by any building project. Our selected suppliers are also caring about the evironmental impact of raw materials. In addition to that, our steel can be smelted in blast furnaces so we can re-use the steel and produce new sandwich panels.

The circular sandwich panel
Unfortunately the PIR isolation core couldn’t be recycled yet. This powerful product had therefore negative environmental impact. As producer we faced that unpleasant reputation. Therefore, in the past few years FALK did put a lot of energy into the concept of recycling PIR. And this turned into very special results! From now on, FALK is able to fully recycle sandwich panels.The building elements can be used once again for any type of buildingproject. This means we realized an endless process; from cradle to cradle. We like to give you more information about the following results.

FALK, building a circular future!

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