The example in modern school space facilities!

A new building has been built next to Griffeen Community College's modern school building. The new building fits in perfectly with the existing school and is connected by a glass tunnel between the buildings.

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The design and construction of Griffeen Community College prioritized the requirements of the end-users. Students and teachers can now enjoy the new learning spaces, which meet DoES minimum guidelines. The building is equipped with many facilities such as lifts, stairs that comply with ambulatory disability standards, sufficient movement space for wheelchairs in rooms and corridors, Braille signs on doors. 

The modular building consists of 40 sections built with the FALK 1060 WB panel. This panel is ideally suited for modular buildings thanks to its excellent airtightness properties, good fire performance and concealed fixing system, the FALK 1060 WB is also extremely practical. The panels feature the TATA Prisma® coating with a guarantee of up to 40 years.

The sections were assembled at CPAC's workshop and installed on location in just 4 days. This project serves as an exemplary instance of modern school space provision!

Year of construction 2022
Contractor and installation company CPAC Modular
Photos received from   CPAC Modular

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