The new Braeburn Coffee station

Driving Westbound on the N7 from Dublin, and in need of a quality cup of coffee? Make sure you visit the new Braeburn Coffee Cafe & Drive Thru at Rathcoole.

This eye-catching cafe serves the best coffee on the go. Whether you choose to use the drive thru or prefer taking a moment to go inside the café, a visit is always worthwhile. If not for their amazing coffee alone, you can also stop to admire the striking details of this new building up close.

Year of construction


Installation company

This new cafe, constructed by HML Construction, is built using FALK insulated panels. Together with Multi Span Ltd., who installed the panels, HML chose FALK 1100 TR3+ for the roof, and FALK 1060 WB for the facades. Sitting in the café, your coffee will stay nice and hot because the combination of these panels results in outstanding insulation values! The flashings, which were also supplied by FALK, give the building its sleek appearance. Combined with the contrasting wooden elements, the design leaves a stunning modern impression! 


These FALK panels aren’t just regular insulated panels. These panels have been purchased with CradleCore®, which means that they are guaranteed to be recycled at the end of their lifetime. Consisting of two steel sheets with PIR in between, the steel has been recyclable for a long time. The PIR insulation core however, ended up in landfill most of the time. Until now! With CradleCore® FALK is able to recycle the PIR insulation core, to produce new insulation boards or insulated panels.


Year of construction 2024
Contractor HML Construction
Installation company Multi Span Ltd.
Photographer Adam Porter

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