Three-crown trapezoidal panel for flat roofs

The FALK 1100 TR3+ PD is a prefabricated insulated flat roof panel with a three-crown profile and a working width of 1100mm. Thanks to the maximum length of 25 metres, you can seal your roof in a flash with the FALK 1100 TR3+ PD insulated roofing sheets!

Upon request, we can also deliver the panels to your construction site in such a way that they do not need to be rotated before installation – speeding up the assembly process for you.

  • Quick and efficient way to make your roof wind- and watertight!
  • Excellent airtightness
  • Installation-friendly delivery to construction site
  • Available with circular CradleCore® insulation core

From core thicknesses above 100mm, the FALK 1000 TR3+ PD is connected using tongue-and-groove joints, which makes it easier to install and improves airtightness.

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