Innovating with FALK Cold Storage Solutions

Nestled in Kent County, Michigan, New Leaf Orchards stands as a testament to agrarian excellence, cultivating a variety of fruits like apples, peaches, plums, and cherries over 600 acres. Renowned for its nutrient-rich soils, Kent County provides the perfect environment for New Leaf Orchards, a family-owned business since 2008, to produce high-quality, delicious-tasting produce. With roots extending back to 1928, New Leaf Orchards continues a legacy of agricultural expertise and innovation. 

New Leaf Orchards, a symbol of agricultural innovation and family heritage, recently undertook a significant project, integrating our FALK CSW 44 wall panel into their cold storage facilities. This crucial upgrade aims at enhancing the storage conditions of their diverse produce, ensuring optimal freshness and quality. Our FALK CSW 44 panel, specifically tailored for cold storage applications, excels in retaining desired temperatures, which is crucial for preserving the natural goodness of fruits.

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