FALK CSW 44 Insulated Metal Wall Panel

Ensuring optimal temperature control is vital for spaces like cold rooms, freezer rooms, or other conditioned environments. Achieving and consistently maintaining this temperature necessitates a robust thermally insulating barrier. The FALK CSW 44 panel – is the foundational choice for your temperature-sensitive spaces. With diverse coating options, including contact food-safe and non-contact food-safe, this panel is especially apt for industries prioritizing hygiene, such as those in food and meat processing.

  • Ideal for the refrigerated sector
  • Can be used as a wall and façade panel
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Durable long-lasting finishes
  • High R-Value

Optimized for Cold Storage Insulation

Experience unparalleled efficiency with our FALK CSW 44 insulated cold storage panels, expertly crafted for refrigeration applications. These panels feature a meticulously engineered milled joint, ensuring an airtight seal crucial for consistent temperature and humidity control in cold storage environments. With horizontal and vertical installation options, the FALK CSW 44 cold storage insulated panels adapt seamlessly to various architectural styles, making them a versatile solution for wall covering for cold walls.


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