Sustainable Timber Hub

Discover Acme Pallets' latest venture, the SL Sawmill, nestled in Michigan's timber-rich corridor. A culmination of seven years' planning and state-of-the-art technology, it heralds a new era for local wood production.

Spanning over seven years of meticulous research and construction, the SL Sawmill represents Acme Pallets' commitment to innovation and sustainability in the timber industry. Located strategically along the 131 corridor between Big Rapids and Cadillac, this facility has been equipped with cutting-edge technology for optimizing and processing small log sawmill operations. It not only enhances production capabilities but also provides local producers with a fresh alternative for their pulp logs, reinforcing a community-centric business model.

The sawmill is not just a production powerhouse but also a beacon of sustainable design, featuring our specialized FALK RRP 40 roof panels. These panels, coated in our durable Weather XL™ Silicone-Modified Polyester in a Dutch White color, ensure the building's longevity and efficiency. This forward-thinking investment promises a reliable and cost-effective wood supply, underpinning the company's growing stature in the Midwest as a provider of premium-grade lumber.

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