Performance Ratings

Performance ratings for Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) emphasize energy efficiency, environmental impact, durability, and ease of installation. IMPs offer high R-values for excellent thermal insulation, reducing energy costs. They are environmentally friendly, often made from recycled materials and are recyclable, supporting sustainability goals like LEED certification. View our FALK performance ratings below.

Testing results


R-values are key in evaluating insulation effectiveness in construction, indicating a material's thermal resistance. Higher R-values mean better insulation, essential for energy-efficient buildings. This measure assesses how well barriers resist heat flow, impacting energy efficiency. 

R-values are cumulative across materials, enhancing overall thermal resistance. Selecting high R-value materials is crucial for building energy-efficient, well-insulated structures.

Core Thickness [in] R-Value [(H FT² °F )/ BTU] U-Value [W/(M²K)
1.5 11.39 0.087
2 15.19 0.065
2.5 18.99 0.053
3 22.79 0.043
4 30.98 0.032
5 37.98 0.026
6 45.46 0.021
8 60.77 0.016
*Nominal 7.5 per inch with lamba (λ[W/mK) of 0.019

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