You drive, we wash, you smile.

That’s the motto of the brand-new, most advanced and longest car wash in the Benelux region. Mega car wash WeWash is situated on the Gooise Poort industrial estate in Almere. The complex consists of a large covered vacuuming station and two adjacent conveyor-style washing lanes, each no fewer than 70 metres long. In collaboration with Bross B.V., FALK supplied the insulated wall panels (FALK 1060 WB) for this beautiful building.

Year of construction


Installation company

The colour combination used gives the building a fresh look. The high-quality coatings are suitable for car washes and are from the Tata Steel coating line: Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®. The colours used are Ice Blue, Ocean Blue, Wedgewood Blue and Albatross. But it is not just the distinctive colour combination that makes this project unique: the corners of the building are finished with moulded elements, creating a beautifully rounded corner that gives the building a distinctive look.

Year of construction 2021

5d Architectuur & Fotografie


WeWash Almere

Structural drawing office Ernst Nijdam
Contractor Aannemersbedrijf Peter Peters

Installation company

Bross B.V.
Photographer MooiBeeld

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