New loft-style home in Houten

This detached house is completely energy neutral and has two floors and a basement. The house offers space for a home office and a basement with space for two parking spaces.

Year of construction


Installation company

The exterior of the house is constructed entirely of sandwich panels. These are mounted on an exposed steel structure and combined with black aluminium window frames. The unfinished interior of the structure gives the house a true loft look and feel. The back of the house is all windows, maximising the amount of daylight.

FALK 1100 TR3+ sandwich panels – suitable for both roof and façade applications – were used for this project. The panels have an HPS coating in Alaska Grey. The roof is fitted with solar panels, making the house a veritable zero-energy project.

Year of construction 2019

Van der Zee Architekten


Bouwbedrijf Invepro

Installation company

Hardeman Isolatie

Photographer MooiBeeld

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