Robust new premises for NAP Techniek

NAP Techniek is a specialist in hydraulic systems. The Nijkerk-based company designs, modifies and installs the most complex hydraulic systems. It also specialises in the maintenance of hydraulic systems. At the beginning of April this year, NAP Techniek officially opened its impressive new premises.

Year of construction



Installation company

The robust colour combination of Anthracite (RAL 7016) and Sirius (RAL 9006) was chosen for the new building. The façade is constructed using FALK 1060 WB, our architectural insulated wall panel. The Anthracite part is finished with Colorcoat HPS® 200 Ultra, while Sirius has a smooth Colorcoat Prisma® finish. This contrast creates a beautiful effect. The office section is finished with a sleek corten steel frame.

‘We went for the dark FALK colour on the façade in combination with the corten cladding on the front of the building because it creates a robust aesthetic, which fits in with our character as a company.’

FALK flat roof panels (FALK 1100 TR3+) were used on the roof. These panels provide optimum protection against the elements and also have a high insulation value. The flat roof panels also provide an excellent base for accessories, such as the solar panels used on this building.

Year of construction 2021/2022
Contractor Hallz

Installation company

Muko Montage
Photographer MooiBeeld

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